Installing LAMP on Ubuntu using tasksel

As you know – the easier, the better. In this article we'll explain how to install LAMP (Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin) on Ubuntu using tasksel tool.


Tasksel is a Debian/Ubuntu tool that installs multiple related packages as a co-ordinated "task" onto your system.

This function is similar to that of meta-packages, and, in fact, most of the tasks available from tasksel are also available as meta-packages from the Ubuntu package managers (such as Synaptic Package Manager or KPackageKit).

WARNING: Use tasksel only to install tasks, never to remove any! According to it will remove each package in the list of that task (and possibly render your system unusable).

Installation of tasksel

Because the package managers now have most of the tasks as meta-packages, tasksel is not installed by default on editions of Ubuntu (such as Desktop editions) that have package managers. (Tasksel is still installed by default on server editions).

If tasksel is not installed, install it from the command-line:

sudo apt-get install tasksel

Installing LAMP server using tasksel

To install LAMP server using tasksel run this command:

sudo tasksel install lamp-server

During the installation you will have to enter the password to root user base, and it's better be different from root password in the system.

You can install phpmyadmin aswell.

If everything went right than visiting http://localhost will bring you to the page saying something like "it works". This page will be also available on the internet if you navigate http://your_ip.

You can change this page and start creating websites in /var/www/ directory.

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    2012-08-10 04:40:55
    install phpmyadmin was a nice addition. thanks

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