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Manual pages for FreeBSD (x):

  • XAddConnectionWatch(3)
    XAddConnectionWatch, XRemoveConnectionWatch, XProcessInternalConnection, XInternalConnectionNumbers - handle Xlib internal connections
  • XAddHost(3)
    XAddHost, XAddHosts, XListHosts, XRemoveHost, XRemoveHosts, XSetAccessControl, XEnableAccessControl, XDisableAccessControl, XHostAddress, XServerInterpretedAddress - control host access and host control structure
  • XAllocClassHint(3)
    XAllocClassHint, XSetClassHint, XGetClassHint, XClassHint - allocate class hints structure and set or read a window"s WM_CLASS property
  • XAllocColor(3)
    XAllocColor, XAllocNamedColor, XAllocColorCells, XAllocColorPlanes, XFreeColors - allocate and free colors
  • XAllocIconSize(3)
    XAllocIconSize, XSetIconSizes, XGetIconSizes, XIconSize - allocate icon size structure and set or read a window"s WM_ICON_SIZES property
  • XAllocSizeHints(3)
    XAllocSizeHints, XSetWMNormalHints, XGetWMNormalHints, XSetWMSizeHints, XGetWMSizeHints, XSizeHints - allocate size hints structure and set or read a window"s WM_NORMAL_HINTS property
  • XAllocStandardColormap(3)
    XAllocStandardColormap, XSetRGBColormaps, XGetRGBColormaps, XStandardColormap - allocate, set, or read a standard colormap structure
  • XAllocWMHints(3)
    XAllocWMHints, XSetWMHints, XGetWMHints, XWMHints - allocate window manager hints structure and set or read a window"s WM_HINTS property
  • XAllowDeviceEvents(3)
    XAllowDeviceEvents - release queued events
  • XAllowEvents(3)
    XAllowEvents - release queued events
  • XAnyEvent(3)
    XAnyEvent, XEvent - generic X event structures
  • xargs(1)
    xargs - construct argument list(s) and execute utility
  • Xau(3)
    Xau library: XauFileName, XauReadAuth, XauLockAuth, XauUnlockAuth, XauWriteAuth, XauDisposeAuth, XauGetAuthByAddr, XauGetBestAuthByAddr - X authority database routines
  • XButtonEvent(3)
    XButtonEvent, XKeyEvent, XMotionEvent - KeyPress, KeyRelease, ButtonPress, ButtonRelease, and MotionNotify event structures
  • XChangeDeviceDontPropagateList(3)
    XChangeDeviceDontPropagateList, XGetDeviceDontPropagateList - query or change the dont-propagate-list for extension devices
  • XChangeKeyboardControl(3)
    XChangeKeyboardControl, XGetKeyboardControl, XAutoRepeatOn, XAutoRepeatOff, XBell, XQueryKeymap, XKeyboardControl - manipulate keyboard settings and keyboard control structure
  • XChangeKeyboardDevice(3)
    XChangeKeyboardDevice - change which device is used as the X keyboard
  • XChangeKeyboardMapping(3)
    XChangeKeyboardMapping, XGetKeyboardMapping, XDisplayKeycodes, XSetModifierMapping, XGetModifierMapping, XNewModifiermap, XInsertModifiermapEntry, XDeleteModifiermapEntry, XFreeModifiermap, XModifierKeymap - manipulate keyboard
  • XChangePointerControl(3)
    XChangePointerControl, XGetPointerControl - control pointer
  • XChangePointerDevice(3)
    XChangePointerDevice - change which device is the X pointer
  • XChangeSaveSet(3)
    XChangeSaveSet, XAddToSaveSet, XRemoveFromSaveSet - change a client"s save set
  • XChangeWindowAttributes(3)
    XChangeWindowAttributes, XSetWindowBackground, XSetWindowBackgroundPixmap, XSetWindowBorder, XSetWindowBorderPixmap, XSetWindowColormap - change window attributes
  • XCirculateEvent(3)
    XCirculateEvent - CirculateNotify event structure
  • XCirculateRequestEvent(3)
    XCirculateRequestEvent - CirculateRequest event structure
  • XClearArea(3)
    XClearArea, XClearWindow - clear area or window
  • XClientMessageEvent(3)
    XClientMessageEvent - ClientMessage event structure
  • XcmsAllocColor(3)
    XcmsAllocColor, XcmsAllocNamedColor - allocate colors
  • XcmsCCCOfColormap(3)
    XcmsCCCOfColormap, XcmsSetCCCOfColormap - query and modify CCC of a colormap
  • XcmsCIELabQueryMaxC(3)
    XcmsCIELabQueryMaxC, XcmsCIELabQueryMaxL, XcmsCIELabQueryMaxLC, XcmsCIELabQueryMinL - obtain the CIE L*a*b* coordinates
  • XcmsCIELuvQueryMaxC(3)
    XcmsCIELuvQueryMaxC, XcmsCIELuvQueryMaxL, XcmsCIELuvQueryMaxLC, XcmsCIELuvQueryMinL - obtain the CIE L*u*v* coordinates
  • XcmsColor(3)
    XcmsColor, XcmsRGB, XcmsRGBi, XcmsCIEXYZ, XcmsCIEuvY, XcmsCIExyY, XcmsCIELab, XcmsCIELuv, XcmsTekHVC, XcmsPad - Xcms color structure
  • XcmsConvertColors(3)
    XcmsConvertColors - convert CCC color specifications
  • XcmsCreateCCC(3)
    XcmsCreateCCC, XcmsFreeCCC - creating and destroying CCCs
  • XcmsDefaultCCC(3)
    XcmsDefaultCCC - obtain the default CCC for a screen
  • XcmsQueryBlack(3)
    XcmsQueryBlack, XcmsQueryBlue, XcmsQueryGreen, XcmsQueryRed, XcmsQueryWhite - obtain black, blue, green, red, and white CCC color specifications
  • XcmsQueryColor(3)
    XcmsQueryColor, XcmsQueryColors, XcmsLookupColor - obtain color values
  • XcmsSetWhitePoint(3)
    XcmsSetWhitePoint, XcmsSetWhiteAdjustProc - modifying CCC attributes
  • XcmsStoreColor(3)
    XcmsStoreColor, XcmsStoreColors - set colors
  • XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxC(3)
    XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxC, XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxV, XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxVC, XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxVSamples, XcmsTekHVCQueryMinV - obtain the TekHVC coordinates
  • XColormapEvent(3)
    XColormapEvent - ColormapNotify event structure
  • XConfigureEvent(3)
    XConfigureEvent - ConfigureNotify event structure
  • XConfigureRequestEvent(3)
    XConfigureRequestEvent - ConfigureRequest event structure
  • XConfigureWindow(3)
    XConfigureWindow, XMoveWindow, XResizeWindow, XMoveResizeWindow, XSetWindowBorderWidth, XWindowChanges - configure windows and window changes structure
  • XCopyArea(3)
    XCopyArea, XCopyPlane - copy areas
  • XCreateColormap(3)
    XCreateColormap, XCopyColormapAndFree, XFreeColormap, XColor - create, copy, or destroy colormaps and color structure
  • XCreateFontCursor(3)
    XCreateFontCursor, XCreatePixmapCursor, XCreateGlyphCursor - create cursors
  • XCreateFontSet(3)
    XCreateFontSet, XFreeFontSet - create and free an international text drawing font set
  • XCreateGC(3)
    XCreateGC, XCopyGC, XChangeGC, XGetGCValues, XFreeGC, XGContextFromGC, XGCValues - create or free graphics contexts and graphics context structure
  • XCreateIC(3)
    XCreateIC, XDestroyIC, XIMOfIC - create, destroy, and obtain the input method of an input context
  • XCreateOC(3)
    XCreateOC, XDestroyOC, XSetOCValues, XGetOCValues, XOMOfOC - create output contexts
  • XCreatePixmap(3)
    XCreatePixmap, XFreePixmap - create or destroy pixmaps
  • XCreateRegion(3)
    XCreateRegion, XSetRegion, XDestroyRegion - create or destroy regions
  • XCreateWindow(3)
    XCreateWindow, XCreateSimpleWindow, XSetWindowAttributes - create windows and window attributes structure
  • XCreateWindowEvent(3)
    XCreateWindowEvent - CreateNotify event structure
  • XCrossingEvent(3)
    XCrossingEvent - EnterNotify and LeaveNotify event structure
  • XcupGetReservedColormapEntries(3)
    XcupGetReservedColormapEntries - list colormap entries reserved by the system
  • XcupQueryVersion(3)
    XcupQueryVersion - Returns TOG-CUP protocol version supported by the X server
  • XcupStoreColors(3)
    XcupStoreColors - initialize shareable colormap entries at specific locations
  • XdbeAllocateBackBufferName(3)
    XdbeAllocateBackBufferName - allocates a DBE buffer.
  • XdbeBeginIdiom(3)
    XdbeBeginIdiom - marks the beginning of a DBE idiom sequence.
  • XdbeDeallocateBackBufferName(3)
    XdbeDeallocateBackBufferName - frees a DBE buffer.
  • XdbeEndIdiom(3)
    XdbeEndIdiom - marks the end of a DBE idiom sequence.
  • XdbeFreeVisualInfo(3)
    XdbeFreeVisualInfo - frees information returned by XdbeGetVisualInfo().
  • XdbeGetBackBufferAttributes(3)
    XdbeGetBackBufferAttributes - returns attributes of a DBE buffer.
  • XdbeGetVisualInfo(3)
    XdbeGetVisualInfo - Get dbe Visual Informations
  • XdbeQueryExtension(3)
    XdbeQueryExtension - returns the version of DBE supported by the server.
  • XdbeSwapBuffers(3)
    XdbeSwapBuffers - swaps front and back DBE buffers.
  • XDefineCursor(3)
    XDefineCursor, XUndefineCursor - define cursors
  • XDestroyWindow(3)
    XDestroyWindow, XDestroySubwindows - destroy windows
  • XDestroyWindowEvent(3)
    XDestroyWindowEvent - DestroyNotify event structure
  • XDeviceBell(3)
    XDeviceBell - ring a bell on a device supported through the input extension
  • xdr(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • XDrawArc(3)
    XDrawArc, XDrawArcs, XArc - draw arcs and arc structure
  • XDrawImageString(3)
    XDrawImageString, XDrawImageString16 - draw image text
  • XDrawLine(3)
    XDrawLine, XDrawLines, XDrawSegments, XSegment - draw lines, polygons, and line structure
  • XDrawPoint(3)
    XDrawPoint, XDrawPoints, XPoint - draw points and points structure
  • XDrawRectangle(3)
    XDrawRectangle, XDrawRectangles, XRectangle - draw rectangles and rectangles structure
  • XDrawString(3)
    XDrawString, XDrawString16 - draw text characters
  • XDrawText(3)
    XDrawText, XDrawText16, XTextItem, XTextItem16 - draw polytext text and text drawing structures
  • xdrmem_create(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdrrec_create(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdrrec_endofrecord(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdrrec_eof(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdrrec_skiprecord(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdrstdio_create(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_accepted_reply(3)
    xdr_accepted_reply - XDR library routines for remote procedure calls
  • xdr_array(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_authsys_parms(3)
    xdr_accepted_reply - XDR library routines for remote procedure calls
  • xdr_bool(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_bytes(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_callhdr(3)
    xdr_accepted_reply - XDR library routines for remote procedure calls
  • xdr_callmsg(3)
    xdr_accepted_reply - XDR library routines for remote procedure calls
  • xdr_char(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_destroy(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_double(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_enum(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_float(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_free(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_getpos(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_inline(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_int(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_long(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_opaque(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_opaque_auth(3)
    xdr_accepted_reply - XDR library routines for remote procedure calls
  • xdr_pmap(3)
    rpc_soc - library routines for remote procedure calls
  • xdr_pmaplist(3)
    rpc_soc - library routines for remote procedure calls
  • xdr_pointer(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_reference(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_rejected_reply(3)
    xdr_accepted_reply - XDR library routines for remote procedure calls
  • xdr_replymsg(3)
    xdr_accepted_reply - XDR library routines for remote procedure calls
  • xdr_setpos(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_short(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_sizeof(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_string(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_union(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_u_char(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_u_long(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_u_short(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_vector(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_void(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xdr_wrapstring(3)
    xdr - library routines for external data representation
  • xe(4)
    xe - Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet device driver
  • XEmptyRegion(3)
    XEmptyRegion, XEqualRegion, XPointInRegion, XRectInRegion - determine if regions are empty or equal
  • xen(4)
    xen - Xen Hypervisor Guest (DomU) Support
  • XErrorEvent(3)
    XErrorEvent - X error event structure
  • Xevi(3)
    XeviQueryExtension, XeviQueryVersion, XeviGetVisualInfo - X Extended Visual Information functions
  • XExposeEvent(3)
    XExposeEvent - Expose event structure
  • XExtentsOfFontSet(3)
    XExtentsOfFontSet - obtain the maximum extents structure for a font set
  • xferlog(5)
    xferlog - ProFTPD server logfile
  • XFillRectangle(3)
    XFillRectangle, XFillRectangles, XFillPolygon, XFillArc, XFillArcs - fill rectangles, polygons, or arcs
  • XFilterEvent(3)
    XFilterEvent - filter X events for an input method
  • XFlush(3)
    XFlush, XSync, XEventsQueued, XPending - handle output buffer or event queue
  • XFocusChangeEvent(3)
    XFocusChangeEvent - FocusIn and FocusOut event structure
  • XFontSetExtents(3)
    XFontSetExtents - XFontSetExtents structure
  • XFontsOfFontSet(3)
    XFontsOfFontSet, XBaseFontNameListOfFontSet, XLocaleOfFontSet, XContextDependentDrawing, XContextualDrawing, XDirectionalDependentDrawing - obtain fontset information
  • XFree(3)
    XFree - free client data
  • xfs(5)
    xfs - XFS file system
  • xft-config(1)
    xft - config - report Xft version, compiler, linker, and/or installation directory information
  • XGetDeviceControl(3)
    XGetDeviceControl, XChangeDeviceControl - query and change input device controls
  • XGetDeviceKeyMapping(3)
    XGetDeviceKeyMapping, XChangeDeviceKeyMapping - query or change device key mappings
  • XGetDeviceModifierMapping(3)
    XGetDeviceModifierMapping, XSetDeviceModifierMapping - query or change device modifier mappings
  • XGetDeviceMotionEvents(3)
    XGetDeviceMotionEvents, XDeviceTimeCoord - get device motion history
  • XGetDeviceProperty(3)
    XGetDeviceProperty, XChangeDeviceProperty, XDeleteDeviceProperty - Get, change or delete a device"s property.
  • XGetEventData(3)
    XGetEventData, XFreeEventData, XGenericEventCookie - retrieve and free additional event data through cookies.
  • XGetExtensionVersion(3)
    XGetExtensionVersion - query the version of the input extension.
  • XGetFeedbackControl(3)
    XGetFeedbackControl, XChangeFeedbackControl - query and change input device feedbacks
  • xgettext(1)
    xgettext - extract gettext strings from source
  • XGetVisualInfo(3)
    XGetVisualInfo, XMatchVisualInfo, XVisualIDFromVisual, XVisualInfo - obtain visual information and visual structure
  • XGetWindowAttributes(3)
    XGetWindowAttributes, XGetGeometry, XWindowAttributes - get current window attribute or geometry and current window attributes structure
  • XGetWindowProperty(3)
    XGetWindowProperty, XListProperties, XChangeProperty, XRotateWindowProperties, XDeleteProperty - obtain and change window properties
  • XGetXCBConnection(3)
    XGetXCBConnection - get the XCB connection for an Xlib Display
  • XGrabButton(3)
    XGrabButton, XUngrabButton - grab pointer buttons
  • XGrabDevice(3)
    XGrabDevice, XUngrabDevice - grab/release the specified extension device
  • XGrabDeviceButton(3)
    XGrabDeviceButton, XUngrabDeviceButton - grab/ungrab extension input device buttons
  • XGrabDeviceKey(3)
    XGrabDeviceKey, XUngrabDeviceKey - grab/ungrab extension input device Keys
  • XGrabKey(3)
    XGrabKey, XUngrabKey - grab keyboard keys
  • XGrabKeyboard(3)
    XGrabKeyboard, XUngrabKeyboard - grab the keyboard
  • XGrabPointer(3)
    XGrabPointer, XUngrabPointer, XChangeActivePointerGrab - grab the pointer
  • XGrabServer(3)
    XGrabServer, XUngrabServer - grab the server
  • XGraphicsExposeEvent(3)
    XGraphicsExposeEvent, XNoExposeEvent - GraphicsExpose and NoExpose event structures
  • XGravityEvent(3)
    XGravityEvent - GravityNotify event structure
  • xhci(4)
    xhci - USB eXtensible Host Controller driver
  • XIChangeHierarchy(3)
    XIChangeHierarchy - change the device hierarchy.
  • XIChangeProperty(3)
    XIChangeProperty, XIGetProperty, XIDeleteProperty - change, retrieve or delete a device"s property.
  • XIconifyWindow(3)
    XIconifyWindow, XWithdrawWindow, XReconfigureWMWindow - manipulate top-level windows
  • XIDefineCursor(3)
    XIDefineCursor, XIUndefineCursor - define device cursors.
  • XIfEvent(3)
    XIfEvent, XCheckIfEvent, XPeekIfEvent - check the event queue with a predicate procedure
  • XIGrabButton(3)
    XIGrabButton, XIUngrabButton, XIGrabKeycode, XIUngrabKeycode - grab/ungrab buttons or keys
  • XIGrabDevice(3)
    XIGrabDevice, XIUngrabDevice - grab or ungrab the device.
  • XIGrabEnter(3)
    XIGrabEnter, XIUngrabEnter, XIGrabFocusIn, XIUngrabFocusIn - grab/ungrab enter or focus in events.
  • XIListProperties(3)
    XIListProperties - List a device"s properties.
  • XInitImage(3)
    XInitImage, XCreateImage, XGetPixel, XPutPixel, XSubImage, XAddPixel, XDestroyImage - image utilities
  • XInitThreads(3)
    XInitThreads, XLockDisplay, XUnlockDisplay - multi-threading support
  • XInstallColormap(3)
    XInstallColormap, XUninstallColormap, XListInstalledColormaps - control colormaps
  • XInternAtom(3)
    XInternAtom, XInternAtoms, XGetAtomName, XGetAtomNames - create or return atom names
  • XIntersectRegion(3)
    XIntersectRegion, XUnionRegion, XUnionRectWithRegion, XSubtractRegion, XXorRegion, XOffsetRegion, XShrinkRegion - region arithmetic
  • XIQueryDevice(3)
    XIQueryDevice, XIFreeDeviceInfo - get information about devices.
  • XIQueryPointer(3)
    XIQueryPointer - get device pointer coordinates.
  • XIQueryVersion(3)
    XIQueryVersion - announce and query the support XI2 version.
  • XISelectEvents(3)
    XISelectEvents, XIGetSelectedEvents - select for or get selected XI2 events on the window.
  • XISetClientPointer(3)
    XISetClientPointer, XIGetClientPointer - set or get the ClientPointer device.
  • XISetFocus(3)
    XISetFocus, XIGetFocus - set or get the device"s focus.
  • XIWarpPointer(3)
    XIWarpPointer - move a device"s pointer.
  • XkbActionCtrls(3)
    XkbActionCtrls - Returns the ctrls fields of act converted to an unsigned int
  • XkbAddDeviceLedInfo(3)
    XkbAddDeviceLedInfo - Initialize an XkbDeviceLedInfoRec structure
  • XkbAddGeomColor(3)
    XkbAddGeomColor - Add one color name to an existing keyboard geometry description
  • XkbAddGeomDoodad(3)
    XkbAddGeomDoodad - Add one doodad to a section of a keyboard geometry or to the top-level geometry
  • XkbAddGeomKey(3)
    XkbAddGeomKey - Add one key at the end of an existing row of keys
  • XkbAddGeomKeyAlias(3)
    XkbAddGeomKeyAlias - Add one key alias to an existing keyboard geometry description
  • XkbAddGeomOutline(3)
    XkbAddGeomOutline - Add one outline to an existing shape
  • XkbAddGeomOverlay(3)
    XkbAddGeomOverlay - Add one overlay to a section
  • XkbAddGeomOverlayKey(3)
    XkbAddGeomOverlayKey - Add a key to an existing overlay row
  • XkbAddGeomOverlayRow(3)
    XkbAddGeomOverlayRow - Add a row to an existing overlay
  • XkbAddGeomProperty(3)
    XkbAddGeomProperty - Add one property to an existing keyboard geometry description
  • XkbAddGeomRow(3)
    XkbAddGeomRow - Add a row to a section
  • XkbAddGeomSection(3)
    XkbAddGeomSection - Add one section to an existing keyboard geometry
  • XkbAddGeomShape(3)
    XkbAddGeomShape - Add a shape to a keyboard geometry
  • XkbAddSymInterpret(3)
    XkbAddSymInterpret - Add a symbol interpretation to the list of symbol interpretations in an XkbCompatRec
  • XkbAllocClientMap(3)
    XkbAllocClientMap - Allocate and initialize an empty client map description record
  • XkbAllocCompatMap(3)
    XkbAllocCompatMap - Allocate a new compatibility map if you do not already have one available
  • XkbAllocControls(3)
    XkbAllocControls - Allocates an XkbControlsRec structure in the XkbDescRec
  • XkbAllocDeviceInfo(3)
    XkbAllocDeviceInfo - Obtain an XkbDeviceInfoRec structure
  • XkbAllocDeviceLedInfo(3)
    XkbAllocDeviceLedInfo - Obtain an XkbDeviceLedInfoRec structure
  • XkbAllocGeomColors(3)
    XkbAllocGeomColors - Allocate geometry colors
  • XkbAllocGeomDoodads(3)
    XkbAllocGeomDoodads - Allocate doodads that are global to a keyboard geometry
  • XkbAllocGeometry(3)
    XkbAllocGeometry - Allocate an entire geometry
  • XkbAllocGeomKeyAliases(3)
    XkbAllocGeomKeyAliases - Allocate geometry key aliases
  • XkbAllocGeomKeys(3)
    XkbAllocGeomKeys - Allocate space for an arbitrary number of keys to a row
  • XkbAllocGeomOutlines(3)
    XkbAllocGeomOutlines - Allocate space for an arbitrary number of outlines to a shape
  • XkbAllocGeomOverlayKey(3)
    XkbAllocGeomOverlayKeys - Allocate keys in an overlay row
  • XkbAllocGeomOverlayRows(3)
    XkbAllocGeomOverlayRows - Allocate rows in a overlay
  • XkbAllocGeomOverlays(3)
    XkbAllocGeomOverlays - Allocate overlays in a section
  • XkbAllocGeomPoints(3)
    XkbAllocGeomPoints - Allocate points in an outline
  • XkbAllocGeomProps(3)
    XkbAllocGeomProps - Allocate geometry properties
  • XkbAllocGeomRows(3)
    XkbAllocGeomRows - Allocate rows in a section
  • XkbAllocGeomSectionDoodads(3)
    XkbAllocGeomSectionDoodads - Allocate doodads that are specific to a section
  • XkbAllocGeomSections(3)
    XkbAllocGeomSections - Allocate geometry sections
  • XkbAllocGeomShapes(3)
    XkbAllocGeomShapes - Allocate space for an arbitrary number of geometry shapes
  • XkbAllocIndicatorMaps(3)
    XkbAllocIndicatorMaps - Allocates, directly, the indicators member of the keyboard description record
  • XkbAllocKeyboard(3)
    XkbAllocKeyboard - Creates a keyboard description from scratch
  • XkbAllocNames(3)
    XkbAllocNames - Allocate symbolic names structures
  • XkbAllocServerMap(3)
    XkbAllocServerMap - Allocate and initialize an empty server map description record
  • XkbApplyCompatMapToKey(3)
    XkbApplyCompatMapToKey - Apply the new compatibility mapping to an individual key to get its semantics updated
  • XkbBell(3)
    XkbBell - Rings the bell on the default keyboard
  • XkbBellEvent(3)
    XkbBellEvent - Provides a function that initiates a bell event for the keyboard without ringing the bell
  • XkbChangeControls(3)
    XkbChangeControls - Provides a flexible method for updating the controls in a server to match those in the changed keyboard description
  • XkbChangeDeviceInfo(3)
    XkbChangeDeviceInfo - Update the server"s description of a device with the changes noted in an XkbDeviceChangesRec
  • XkbChangeEnabledControls(3)
    XkbChangeEnabledControls - Manipulates the EnabledControls control
  • XkbChangeIndicators(3)
    XkbChangeIndicators - Changes indicator maps or state without passing the entire keyboard description
  • XkbChangeMap(3)
    XkbChangeMap - Update only partial components of a keyboard description, modify the appropriate fields in the server and map components of a local copy of the keyboard description
  • XkbChangeNames(3)
    XkbChangeNames - _summary-line_
  • XkbChangeTypesOfKey(3)
    XkbChangeTypesOfKey - Change the number of groups and the types bound to a key
  • XkbComputeRowBounds(3)
    XkbComputeRowBounds - Update the bounding box of a row
  • XkbComputeSectionBounds(3)
    XkbComputeSectionBounds - Update the bounding box of a section
  • XkbComputeShapeBounds(3)
    XkbComputeShapeBounds - Updates the bounding box of a shape
  • XkbComputeShapeTop(3)
    XkbComputeShapeTop - Determines the bounding box of the top surface of a shape
  • XkbCopyKeyType(3)
    XkbCopyKeyType - Copy one XkbKeyTypeRec structures
  • XkbCopyKeyTypes(3)
    XkbCopyKeyTypes - Copy more than one XkbKeyTypeRec structure
  • XkbDeviceBell(3)
    XkbDeviceBell - Rings the bell on an X input extension device or the default keyboard
  • XkbDeviceBellEvent(3)
    XkbDeviceBellEvent - Creates a bell event for an X input extension device or for the keyboard, without ringing the corresponding bell
  • XkbFindOverlayForKey(3)
    XkbFindOverlayForKey - Find the alternate name by using the primary name for a key that is part of an overlay
  • XkbForceBell(3)
    XkbForceBell - Overrides user preference settings for audible bells to ring the bell on the default keyboard
  • XkbForceDeviceBell(3)
    XkbForceDeviceBell - Rings the bell on any keyboard, overriding user preference settings for audible bells
  • XkbFreeClientMap(3)
    XkbFreeClientMap - Free memory used by the client map member of an XkbDescRec structure
  • XkbFreeCompatMap(3)
    XkbFreeCompatMap - Free an entire compatibility map or selected portions of one
  • XkbFreeComponentList(3)
    XkbFreeComponentList - Free the structure returned by XkbListComponents
  • XkbFreeControls(3)
    XkbFreeControls - Frees memory used by the ctrls member of an XkbDescRec structure
  • XkbFreeDeviceInfo(3)
    XkbFreeDeviceInfo - Free an XkbDeviceInfoRec structure
  • XkbFreeGeomColors(3)
    XkbFreeGeomColors - Free geometry colors
  • XkbFreeGeomDoodads(3)
    XkbFreeGeomDoodads - Free geometry doodads
  • XkbFreeGeometry(3)
    XkbFreeGeometry - Free an entire geometry
  • XkbFreeGeomKeyAliases(3)
    XkbFreeGeomKeyAliases - Free geometry key aliases
  • XkbFreeGeomKeys(3)
    XkbFreeGeomKeys - Free geometry keys
  • XkbFreeGeomOutlines(3)
    XkbFreeGeomOutlines - Free geometry outlines
  • XkbFreeGeomOverlayKeys(3)
    XkbFreeGeomOverlayKeys - Free keys in an overlay row
  • XkbFreeGeomOverlayRows(3)
    XkbFreeGeomOverlayRows - Free rows in an overlay
  • XkbFreeGeomOverlays(3)
    XkbFreeGeomOverlays - Free rows in a section
  • XkbFreeGeomPoints(3)
    XkbFreeGeomPoints - Free points in a outline
  • XkbFreeGeomProperties(3)
    XkbFreeGeomProperties - Free geometry properties
  • XkbFreeGeomRows(3)
    XkbFreeGeomRows - Free rows in a section
  • XkbFreeGeomSections(3)
    XkbFreeGeomSections - Free geometry sections
  • XkbFreeGeomShapes(3)
    XkbFreeGeomShapes - Free geometry shapes
  • XkbFreeIndicatorMaps(3)
    XkbFreeIndicatorMaps - Frees memory used by the indicators member of an XkbDescRec structure
  • XkbFreeKeyboard(3)
    XkbFreeKeyboard - Destroys either an entire XkbDescRec or just some of its members
  • XkbFreeNames(3)
    XkbFreeNames - Free symbolic names structures
  • XkbFreeServerMap(3)
    XkbFreeServerMap - Free memory used by the server member of an XkbDescRec structure
  • XkbGetAccessXTimeout(3)
    XkbGetAccessXTimeout - Queries the current AccessXTimeout options for a keyboard device
  • XkbGetAutoRepeatRate(3)
    XkbGetAutoRepeatRate - Gets the current attributes of the RepeatKeys control for a keyboard device
  • XkbGetAutoResetControls(3)
    XkbGetAutoResetControls - Gets the current values of the auto-reset controls
  • XkbGetBounceKeysDelay(3)
    XkbGetBounceKeysDelay - Queries the current BounceKeys delay for a keyboard device.
  • XkbGetCompatMap(3)
    XkbGetCompatMap - Fetch any combination of the current compatibility map components from the server
  • XkbGetControls(3)
    XkbGetControls - Finds the current state of Xkb server controls
  • XkbGetControlsChanges(3)
    XkbGetControlsChanges - Updates a local copy of a keyboard description with the changes previously noted by one or more calls to XkbNoteControlsChanges
  • XkbGetDetectableAutoRepeat(3)
    XkbGetDetectableAutoRepeat - Determines whether or not the server supports DetectableAutoRepeat
  • XkbGetDeviceButtonActions(3)
    XkbGetDeviceButtonActions - Query the button actions associated with an X Input Extension device
  • XkbGetDeviceInfo(3)
    XkbGetDeviceInfo - Determine whether the X server allows Xkb access to particular capabilities of input devices other than the core X keyboard, or to determine the status of indicator maps, indicator names or button actions on a non-K
  • XkbGetDeviceInfoChanges(3)
    XkbGetDeviceInfoChanges - Query the changes that have occurred in the button actions or indicator names and indicator maps associated with an input extension device
  • XkbGetDeviceLedInfo(3)
    XkbGetDeviceLedInfo - Query the indicator names, maps, and state associated with an LED feedback of an input extension device
  • XkbGetGeometry(3)
    XkbGetGeometry - Loads a keyboard geometry if you already have the keyboard description
  • XkbGetIndicatorChanges(3)
    XkbGetIndicatorChanges - Updates a local copy of the keyboard description with the actual values of one or more calls to XkbNoteIndicatorChanges
  • XkbGetIndicatorMap(3)
    XkbGetIndicatorMap - Gets the map for one or more indicators, using a mask to specify the indicators
  • XkbGetIndicatorState(3)
    XkbGetIndicatorState - Obtains the current state of the keyboard indicators
  • XkbGetKeyActions(3)
    XkbGetKeyActions - Update the actions (the key_acts array) for a subset of the keys in a keyboard description
  • XkbGetKeyBehaviors(3)
    XkbChangeTypesOfKey - Obtain the behaviors (the behaviors array) for a subset of the keys in a keyboard description from the server
  • XkbGetKeyboard(3)
    XkbGetKeyboard - Retrieves one or more components of a keyboard device description
  • XkbGetKeyboardByName(3)
    XkbGetKeyboardByName - Build a new keyboard description from a set of named components, and to optionally have the server use the resulting description to replace an active one
  • XkbGetKeyExplicitComponents(3)
    XkbGetKeyExplicitComponents - Obtain the explicit components (the explicit array) for a subset of the keys in a keyboard description
  • XkbGetKeyModifierMap(3)
    XkbGetKeyModifierMap - Update the modifier map for one or more of the keys in a keyboard description
  • XkbGetKeySyms(3)
    XkbGetKeySyms - Obtain the symbols for a subset of the keys in a keyboard description
  • XkbGetKeyTypes(3)
    XkbGetKeyTypes - Obtain the list of available key types in the server"s keyboard mapping
  • XkbGetKeyVirtualModMap(3)
    XkbGetKeyVirtualModMap - Obtain the virtual modifier map (the vmodmap array) for a subset of the keys in a keyboard description
  • XkbGetMap(3)
    XkbGetMap - Allocate an XkbDescRec structure and populate it with the server"s keyboard client map and server map
  • XkbGetNameChanges(3)
    XkbGetNameChanges - Update the local copy of the keyboard description with the actual values of the results of one or more calls to XkbNoteNameChanges
  • XkbGetNamedGeometry(3)
    XkbGetNamedGeometry - Loads a keyboard geometry description from this database by name
  • XkbGetNamedIndicator(3)
    XkbGetNamedIndicator - Look up the indicator map and other information for an indicator by name
  • XkbGetNames(3)
    XkbGetNames - Obtain symbolic names from the server
  • XkbGetSlowKeysDelay(3)
    XkbGetSlowKeysDelay - Gets the SlowKeys acceptance delay for a keyboard device
  • XkbGetState(3)
    XkbGetState - Obtains the keyboard state
  • XkbGetStickyKeysOptions(3)
    XkbGetStickyKeysOptions - Queries the current StickyKeys attributes for a keyboard device
  • XkbGetUpdatedMap(3)
    XkbGetUpdatedMap - Update the client or server map information in an existing keyboard description
  • XkbGetVirtualMods(3)
    XkbGetVirtualMods - Obtain a subset of the virtual modifier bindings (the vmods array) in a keyboard description
  • XkbGetXlibControls(3)
    XkbGetXlibControls - Determines the current state of the Library Controls
  • XkbIgnoreExtension(3)
    XkbIgnoreExtension - Prevents core X library keyboard functions from using the X Keyboard Extension
  • XkbInitCanonicalKeyTypes(3)
    XkbInitCanonicalKeyTypes - Set the definitions of the canonical key types in a client map to their default values
  • XkbKeyAction(3)
    XkbKeyAction - Returns the key action
  • XkbKeyActionEntry(3)
    XkbKeyActionEntry - Returns a pointer to the key action corresponding to group grp and shift level lvl from the two-dimensional table of key actions associated with the key corresponding to keycode
  • XkbKeyActionsPtr(3)
    XkbKeyActionsPtr - Returns a pointer to the two-dimensional array of key actions associated with the key corresponding to keycode
  • XkbKeycodeToKeysym(3)
    XkbKeycodeToKeysym - Finds the keysym bound to a particular key at a specified group and shift level
  • XkbKeyGroupInfo(3)
    XkbKeyGroupInfo - Returns the number of groups of symbols bound to the key corresponding to keycode
  • XkbKeyGroupsWidth(3)
    XkbKeyGroupsWidth - Computes the maximum width associated with the key corresponding to keycode
  • XkbKeyGroupWidth(3)
    XkbKeyGroupWidth - Computes the width of the type associated with the group grp for the key corresponding to keycode
  • XkbKeyHasActions(3)
    XkbKeyHasActions - Determines if the key corresponding to keycode has any actions associated with it
  • XkbKeyNumActions(3)
    XkbKeyNumActions - Computes the number of actions associated with the key corresponding to keycode
  • XkbKeyNumGroups(3)
    XkbKeyNumGroups - Returns the number of groups of symbols bound to the key corresponding to keycode
  • XkbKeyNumSyms(3)
    XkbKeyNumSyms - Returns the total number of keysyms for the key corresponding to keycode
  • XkbKeySymEntry(3)
    XkbKeySymEntry - Returns the keysym corresponding to shift level shift and group grp from the two-dimensional array of keysyms for the key corresponding to keycode
  • XkbKeySymsOffset(3)
    XkbKeySymsOffset - Returns the offset of the two-dimensional array of keysyms for the key corresponding to keycode
  • XkbKeySymsPtr(3)
    XkbKeySymsPtr - Returns the pointer to the two-dimensional array of keysyms for the key corresponding to keycode
  • XkbKeysymToModifiers(3)
    XkbKeysymToModifiers - Finds the set of modifiers bound to a particular keysym on the core keyboard
  • XkbKeyType(3)
    XkbKeyType - Obtain the index of a key type or the pointer to a key type
  • XkbKeyTypeIndex(3)
    XkbKeyTypeIndex - Obtain the index of a key type or the pointer to a key type
  • XkbKeyTypesForCoreSymbols(3)
    XkbKeyTypesForCoreSymbols - Determine the Xkb key types appropriate for the symbols bound to a key in a core keyboard mapping
  • XkbLatchGroup(3)
    XkbLatchGroup - Latches the keysym group
  • XkbLatchModifiers(3)
    XkbLatchModifiers - Latches and unlatches any of the eight real keyboard modifiers
  • XkbLibraryVersion(3)
    XkbLibraryVersion - Determines the compatibility of a library at runtime.
  • XkbListComponents(3)
    XkbListComponents - List of components for one or more component types
  • XkbLockGroup(3)
    XkbLockGroup - Locks the keysym group
  • XkbLockModifiers(3)
    XkbLockModifiers - Locks and unlocks any of the eight real keyboard modifiers
  • XkbLookupKeyBinding(3)
    XkbLookupKeyBinding - Find the string bound to a key by XRebindKeySym
  • XkbLookupKeySym(3)
    XkbLookupKeySym - Find the symbol associated with a key for a particular state
  • XkbModActionVMods(3)
    XkbModActionVMods - Returns the vmods1 and vmods2 fields of act converted to the vmods format of an Xkb modifier description
  • XkbNoteControlsChanges(3)
    XkbNoteControlsChanges - Notes the changes in a changes structure when a client receives an XkbControlsNotify event
  • XkbNoteDeviceChanges(3)
    XkbNoteDeviceChanges - Note device changes reported in an XkbExtensionDeviceNotify event
  • XkbNoteIndicatorChanges(3)
    XkbNoteIndicatorChanges - Notes the changes in a changes structure
  • XkbNoteNameChanges(3)
    XkbNoteNameChanges - Note the changed names in a changes structure
  • XkbOpenDisplay(3)
    XkbOpenDisplay - Checks for a compatible version of the Xkb extension in both the library and the server, and initializes the extension for use.
  • XkbOutOfRangeGroupInfo(3)
    XkbOutOfRangeGroupInfo - Returns only the out-of-range processing information from the group_info field of an XkbSymMapRec structure
  • XkbOutOfRangeGroupNumber(3)
    XkbOutOfRangeGroupNumber - Returns the out-of-range group number, represented as a group index, from the group_info field of an XkbSymMapRec structure
  • XkbPtrActionX(3)
    XkbPtrActionX - Returns the high_XXX and low_XXX fields of act converted to a signed int
  • XkbPtrActionY(3)
    XkbPtrActionY - Returns the high_YYY and low_YYY fields of act converted to a signed int
  • XkbQueryExtension(3)
    XkbQueryExtension - Determines the compatibility of a library at runtime.
  • XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping(3)
    XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping - Update the keyboard description that is internal to the X library
  • XkbResizeDeviceButtonActions(3)
    XkbResizeDeviceButtonActions - Allocate additional space for button actions in an XkbDeviceInfoRec structure
  • XkbResizeKeyActions(3)
    XkbResizeKeyActions - Change the number of actions bound to a key
  • XkbResizeKeySyms(3)
    XkbResizeKeySyms - Change the number of symbols bound to a key
  • XkbResizeKeyType(3)
    XkbResizeKeyType - Change the number of levels in a key type
  • XkbSAActionSetCtrls(3)
    XkbSAActionSetCtrls - Sets the ctrls0 through ctrls3 fields of act from ctrls
  • XkbSAGroup(3)
    XkbSAGroup - Returns the group_XXX field of act converted to a signed int
  • XkbSAPtrDfltValue(3)
    XkbSAPtrDfltValue - Returns the valueXXX field of act converted to a signed int
  • XkbSARedirectSetVMods(3)
    XkbSARedirectSetVMods - Sets the vmods0 and vmods1 of act from v
  • XkbSARedirectSetVModsMask(3)
    XkbSARedirectSetVModsMask - Sets the vmods_mask0 and vmods_mask1 fields of act from vm
  • XkbSARedirectVMods(3)
    XkbSARedirectVMods - Returns the vmods0 and vmods1 fields of act converted to an unsigned int
  • XkbSARedirectVModsMask(3)
    XkbSARedirectVModsMask - Returns the vmods_mask0 and vmods_mask1 fields of act converted to an unsigned int
  • XkbSAScreen(3)
    XkbSAScreen - Returns the screenXXX field of act converted to a signed int
  • XkbSASetGroup(3)
    XkbSASetGroup - Sets the group_XXX field of act from the group index grp
  • XkbSASetPtrDfltValue(3)
    XkbSASetPtrDfltValue - Sets the valueXXX field of act from val
  • XkbSASetScreen(3)
    XkbSASetScreen - Sets the screenXXX field of act from s
  • XkbSelectEventDetails(3)
    XkbSelectEventDetails - Selects or deselects for a specific Xkb event and optionally places conditions on when events of that type are reported to your client
  • XkbSelectEvents(3)
    XkbSelectEvents - Selects and / or deselects for delivery of one or more Xkb events and has them delivered under all conditions
  • XkbSetAccessXTimeout(3)
    XkbSetAccessXTimeout - Configures the AccessXTimeout options for a keyboard device
  • XkbSetAutoRepeatRate(3)
    XkbSetAutoRepeatRate - Sets the attributes of the RepeatKeys control for a keyboard device
  • XkbSetAutoResetControls(3)
    XkbSetAutoResetControls - Changes the current values of the AutoReset control attributes
  • XkbSetBounceKeysDelay(3)
    XkbSetBounceKeysDelay - Sets the BounceKeys delay for a keyboard device
  • XkbSetCompatMap(3)
    XkbSetCompatMap - Modify the server"s compatibility map
  • XkbSetControls(3)
    XkbSetControls - Copies changes to the X server based on a modified ctrls structure in a local copy of the keyboard description
  • XkbSetDebuggingFlags(3)
    XkbSetDebuggingFlags - Change the values of any of the debug controls
  • XkbSetDetectableAutoRepeat(3)
    XkbSetDetectableAutoRepeat - Sets DetectableAutoRepeat
  • XkbSetDeviceButtonActions(3)
    XkbSetDeviceButtonActions - Change only the button actions for an input extension device
  • XkbSetDeviceInfo(3)
    XkbSetDeviceInfo - Modify some or all of the characteristics of an X Input Extension device
  • XkbSetIgnoreLockMods(3)
    XkbSetIgnoreLockMods - Sets the modifiers that, if locked, are not to be reported in matching events to passive grabs
  • XkbSetIndicatorMap(3)
    XkbSetIndicatorMap - Downloads the changes to the server based on modifications to a local copy of the keyboard description which will update the maps for one or more indicators
  • XkbSetMap(3)
    XkbSetMap - Send a complete new set of values for entire components to the server.
  • XkbSetModActionVMods(3)
    XkbSetModActionVMods - Sets the vmods1 and vmods2 fields of act using the vmods format of an Xkb modifier description
  • XkbSetNamedIndicator(3)
    XkbSetNamedIndicator - Names an indicator if it is not already named; toggles the state of the indicator; sets the indicator to a specified state and sets the indicator map for the indicator
  • XkbSetNames(3)
    XkbSetNames - Change the symbolic names in the server
  • XkbSetPtrActionX(3)
    XkbSetPtrActionX - Sets the high_XXX and low_XXX fields of act from the signed integer value x
  • XkbSetPtrActionY(3)
    XkbSetPtrActionY - Sets the high_YYY and low_YYY fields of act from the signed integer value y
  • XkbSetServerInternalMods(3)
    XkbSetServerInternalMods - Sets the modifiers that are consumed by the server before events are delivered to the client
  • XkbSetXlibControls(3)
    XkbSetXlibControls - Changes the state of the Library Controls
  • XkbTranslateKeyCode(3)
    XkbTranslateKeyCode - Translate a keycode to a key symbol and modifiers
  • XkbTranslateKeySym(3)
    XkbTranslateKeySym - Find the string and symbol associated with a keysym for a given keyboard state
  • XkbUpdateMapFromCore(3)
    XkbUpdateMapFromCore - Update a local Xkb keyboard map to reflect the mapping expressed by a core format mapping
  • XkbVirtualModsToReal(3)
    XkbVirtualModsToReal - Determines the mapping of virtual modifiers to core X protocol modifiers
  • XKeymapEvent(3)
    XKeymapEvent - KeymapNotify event structure
  • xl(4)
    xl - 3Com Etherlink XL and Fast Etherlink XL Ethernet device driver
  • XListDeviceProperties(3)
    XListDeviceProperties - List a device"s properties.
  • XListFonts(3)
    XListFonts, XFreeFontNames, XListFontsWithInfo, XFreeFontInfo - obtain or free font names and information
  • XListInputDevices(3)
    XListInputDevices, XFreeDeviceList - list available input devices
  • XLoadFont(3)
    XLoadFont, XQueryFont, XLoadQueryFont, XFreeFont, XGetFontProperty, XUnloadFont, XCharStruct, XFontProp, XChar2b, XFontStruct - load or unload fonts and font metric structures
  • XLookupKeysym(3)
    XLookupKeysym, XRefreshKeyboardMapping, XLookupString, XRebindKeysym - handle keyboard input events in Latin-1
  • XMapEvent(3)
    XMapEvent, XMappingEvent - MapNotify and MappingNotify event structures
  • XMapRequestEvent(3)
    XMapRequestEvent - MapRequest event structure
  • XMapWindow(3)
    XMapWindow, XMapRaised, XMapSubwindows - map windows
  • XmbDrawImageString(3)
    XmbDrawImageString, XwcDrawImageString, Xutf8DrawImageString - draw image text using a single font set
  • XmbDrawString(3)
    XmbDrawString, XwcDrawString, Xutf8DrawString - draw text using a single font set
  • XmbDrawText(3)
    XmbDrawText, XwcDrawText, Xutf8DrawText - draw text using multiple font sets
  • XmbLookupString(3)
    XmbLookupString, XwcLookupString, Xutf8LookupString - obtain composed input from an input method
  • XmbResetIC(3)
    XmbResetIC, XwcResetIC, Xutf8ResetIC - reset the state of an input context
  • XmbTextEscapement(3)
    XmbTextEscapement, XwcTextEscapement, Xutf8TextEscapement - obtain the escapement of text
  • XmbTextExtents(3)
    XmbTextExtents, XwcTextExtents, Xutf8TextExtents - compute text extents
  • XmbTextListToTextProperty(3)
    XmbTextListToTextProperty, XwcTextListToTextProperty, Xutf8TextListToTextProperty, XmbTextPropertyToTextList, XwcTextPropertyToTextList, Xutf8TextPropertyToTextList, XwcFreeStringList, XDefaultString - convert text lists and
  • XmbTextPerCharExtents(3)
    XmbTextPerCharExtents, XwcTextPerCharExtents, Xutf8TextPerCharExtents - obtain per-character information for a text string
  • Xmbuf(3)
    XmbufQueryExtension, XmbufGetVersion, XmbufCreateBuffers, XmbufDestroyBuffers, XmbufDisplayBuffers, XmbufGetWindowAttributes, XmbufChangeWindowAttributes, XmbufGetBufferAttributes, XmbufChangeBufferAttributes, XmbufGetScreenInfo, XmbufCreateSter
  • XmCreateDropDownComboBox(3)
    XmCreateDropDownComboBox — The Drop - down ComboBox widget creation function
  • XmCreateDropDownList(3)
    XmCreateDropDownList — The Drop - down list ComboBox widget creation function
  • XmCvtStringToUnitType(3)
    XmCvtStringToUnitType — A function that converts a string to a unit - type value
  • XmGetTearOffControl(3)
    XmGetTearOffControl — A RowColumn function that obtains the widget ID for the tear - off control in a menu
  • xml2-config(1)
    xml - config - script to get information about the installed version of GNOME-XML
  • xmlcatalog(1)
    xmlcatalog - Command line tool to parse and manipulate XML or SGML catalog files.
  • XmListYToPos(3)
    XmListYToPos — A List function that returns the position of the item at a specified y - coordinate
  • xmllint(1)
    xmllint - command line XML tool
  • xmlwf(1)
    xmlwf - Determines if an XML document is well-formed
  • XmMultiList(3)
    XmMultiList — The Multi - column List widget
  • XmResolveAllPartOffsets(3)
    XmResolveAllPartOffsets — A function that allows writing of upward - compatible applications and widgets
  • XmResolvePartOffsets(3)
    XmResolvePartOffsets — A function that allows writing of upward - compatible applications and widgets
  • XmSlideContext(3)
    XmSlideContext - The SlideContext widget class
  • XmStringByteCompare(3)
    XmStringByteCompare — A compound string function that indicates the results of a byte - by-byte comparison
  • XmStringEmpty(3)
    XmStringEmpty — A compound string function that provides information on the existence of non - zero-length text components
  • XmStringIsVoid(3)
    XmStringIsVoid — A compound string function that provides information on the existence of non - zero-length text components, tab components, or separator components
  • XmTabStack(3)
    XmTabStack - The TabStack widget class
  • XmTranslateKey(3)
    XmTranslateKey — The default keycode - to-keysym translator
  • XmTree(3)
    XmTree - The Tree widget class
  • XNextEvent(3)
    XNextEvent, XPeekEvent, XWindowEvent, XCheckWindowEvent, XMaskEvent, XCheckMaskEvent, XCheckTypedEvent, XCheckTypedWindowEvent - select events by type
  • XNoOp(3)
    XNoOp - No Operation
  • XOpenDevice(3)
    XOpenDevice, XCloseDevice - open or close an extension input device
  • XOpenDisplay(3)
    XOpenDisplay, XCloseDisplay - connect or disconnect to X server
  • XOpenIM(3)
    XOpenIM, XCloseIM, XSetIMValues, XGetIMValues, XDisplayOfIM, XLocaleOfIM, XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback, XUnregisterIMInstantiateCallback - open, close, and obtain input method information
  • XOpenOM(3)
    XOpenOM, XCloseOM, XSetOMValues, XGetOMValues, XDisplayOfOM, XLocaleOfOM - open output methods
  • XParseGeometry(3)
    XParseGeometry, XWMGeometry - parse window geometry
  • XpCancelDoc(3)
    XpCancelDoc - Cancels a print document.
  • XpCancelJob(3)
    XpCancelJob - Cancels a single print job.
  • XpCancelPage(3)
    XpCancelPage - Cancels a print page.
  • XpCreateContext(3)
    XpCreateContext - Creates and initializes a new print context.
  • XpDestroyContext(3)
    XpDestroyContext - Gets the current print context-id for a display connection.
  • XpEndDoc(3)
    XpEndDoc - Indicates the ending of a print document.
  • XpEndJob(3)
    XpEndJob - Indicates the ending of a single print job.
  • XpEndPage(3)
    XpEndPage - Indicates the end of a print page.
  • XpFreePrinterList(3)
    XpFreePrinterList - Frees a list of printer records.
  • XpGetAttributes(3)
    XpGetAttributes - Gets an attribute pool from the specified print context.
  • XpGetContext(3)
    XpGetContext - Gets the current print context-id for a display connection.
  • XpGetDocumentData(3)
    XpGetDocumentData - Creates and initializes a new print context.
  • XpGetImageResolution(3)
    XpGetImageResolution - Gets the current image resolution for a print context.
  • XpGetLocaleHinter(3)
    XpGetLocaleHinter - Gets a pointer to and description of the current "locale hinter" function.
  • XpGetOneAttribute(3)
    XpGetOneAttribute - Gets a single print attribute from the specified print context.
  • XpGetPageDimensions(3)
    XpGetPageDimensions - Gets the page dimensions for the current printer settings.
  • XpGetPdmStartParams(3)
    XpGetPdmStartParams - Builds up parameters in accordance with the PDM Selection Protocol as a standard convenience function.
  • XpGetPrinterList(3)
    XpGetPrinterList - Retrieves a list of all printers supported on an X Print Server.
  • XpGetScreenOfContext(3)
    XpGetScreenOfContext - Obtains a pointer to the screen associated with the specified print context.
  • XpInputSelected(3)
    XpInputSelected - Queries which X Print events the client has selected to receive from the specific print context.
  • XPolygonRegion(3)
    XPolygonRegion, XClipBox - generate regions
  • XpPutDocumentData(3)
    void XpPutDocumentData - Sends and incorporates data into the output.
  • XpQueryExtension(3)
    XpQueryExtension - Queries an X Server to determine if it supports the X Print Service Extension, and if it does, what the offsets are for associated events and errors.
  • XpQueryScreens(3)
    XpQueryScreens - Queries an X Server to determine which screens, of all the screens on the server, support the X Print Service Extension
  • XpQueryVersion(3)
    XpQueryVersion - Queries an X Server to determine if it supports the X Print Service Extension, and if it does, which version of the X Print Service Extension.
  • XpRehashPrinterList(3)
    XpRehashPrinterList - Recomputes the list of available printers.
  • Xprint(7)
    Xprint - The "X print service" - a portable, network-transparent printing system based on the X11 protocol
  • XPropertyEvent(3)
    XPropertyEvent - PropertyNotify event structure
  • xprt_register(3)
    rpc_svc_reg - library routines for registering servers
  • xprt_unregister(3)
    rpc_svc_reg - library routines for registering servers
  • XpSelectInput(3)
    XpSelectInput - Specifies which X Print events, from the specified print context, the client is interested in.
  • XpSetAttributes(3)
    XpSetAttributes - Sets or updates an attribute pool in the specified print context.
  • XpSetContext(3)
    XpSetContext - Sets or unsets a print context with the specified display connection to the X Print Server.
  • XpSetImageResolution(3)
    XpSetImageResolution - Sets the resolution for subsequent PutImage requests
  • XpSetLocaleHinter(3)
    XpSetLocaleHinter - Sets a "locale hinter" function and description of it.
  • XpStartDoc(3)
    XpStartDoc - Indicates the beginning of a print document.
  • XpStartJob(3)
    XpStartJob - Indicates the beginning of a single print job.
  • XpStartPage(3)
    XpStartPage - Indicates the beginning of a print page.
  • xpt(4)
    xpt - CAM transport layer interface
  • XPutBackEvent(3)
    XPutBackEvent - put events back on the queue
  • XPutImage(3)
    XPutImage, XGetImage, XGetSubImage - transfer images
  • XQueryBestSize(3)
    XQueryBestSize, XQueryBestTile, XQueryBestStipple - determine efficient sizes
  • XQueryColor(3)
    XQueryColor, XQueryColors, XLookupColor, XParseColor - obtain color values
  • XQueryDeviceState(3)
    XQueryDeviceState - query the state of an extension input device.
  • XQueryExtension(3)
    XQueryExtension, XListExtensions, XFreeExtensionList - list available extensions
  • XQueryPointer(3)
    XQueryPointer - get pointer coordinates
  • XQueryTree(3)
    XQueryTree - query window tree information
  • XRaiseWindow(3)
    XRaiseWindow, XLowerWindow, XCirculateSubwindows, XCirculateSubwindowsUp, XCirculateSubwindowsDown, XRestackWindows - change window stacking order
  • XReadBitmapFile(3)
    XReadBitmapFile, XReadBitmapFileData, XWriteBitmapFile, XCreatePixmapFromBitmapData, XCreateBitmapFromData - manipulate bitmaps
  • XRecolorCursor(3)
    XRecolorCursor, XFreeCursor, XQueryBestCursor - manipulate cursors
  • XReparentEvent(3)
    XReparentEvent - ReparentNotify event structure
  • XReparentWindow(3)
    XReparentWindow - reparent windows
  • XResizeRequestEvent(3)
    XResizeRequestEvent - ResizeRequest event structure
  • XResourceManagerString(3)
    XResourceManagerString, XScreenResourceString - obtain server resource properties
  • XrmEnumerateDatabase(3)
    XrmEnumerateDatabase - enumerate resource database entries
  • XrmGetFileDatabase(3)
    XrmGetFileDatabase, XrmPutFileDatabase, XrmGetStringDatabase, XrmLocaleOfDatabase, XrmGetDatabase, XrmSetDatabase, XrmDestroyDatabase - retrieve and store resource databases
  • XrmGetResource(3)
    XrmGetResource, XrmQGetResource, XrmQGetSearchList, XrmQGetSearchResource - retrieve database resources and search lists
  • XrmInitialize(3)
    XrmInitialize, XrmParseCommand, XrmValue, XrmOptionKind, XrmOptionDescRec - initialize the Resource Manager, Resource Manager structures, and parse the command line
  • XrmMergeDatabases(3)
    XrmMergeDatabases, XrmCombineDatabase, XrmCombineFileDatabase - merge resource databases
  • XrmPutResource(3)
    XrmPutResource, XrmQPutResource, XrmPutStringResource, XrmQPutStringResource, XrmPutLineResource - store database resources
  • XrmUniqueQuark(3)
    XrmUniqueQuark, XrmStringToQuark, XrmPermStringToQuark, XrmQuarkToString, XrmStringToQuarkList, XrmStringToBindingQuarkList - manipulate resource quarks
  • XSaveContext(3)
    XSaveContext, XFindContext, XDeleteContext, XUniqueContext - associative look-up routines
  • XSelectExtensionEvent(3)
    XSelectExtensionEvent, XGetSelectedExtensionEvents - select extension events, get the list of currently selected extension events
  • XSelectInput(3)
    XSelectInput - select input events
  • XSelectionClearEvent(3)
    XSelectionClearEvent - SelectionClear event structure
  • XSelectionEvent(3)
    XSelectionEvent - SelectionNotify event structure
  • XSelectionRequestEvent(3)
    XSelectionRequestEvent - SelectionRequest event structure
  • XSendEvent(3)
    XSendEvent, XDisplayMotionBufferSize, XGetMotionEvents, XTimeCoord - send events and pointer motion history structure
  • XSendExtensionEvent(3)
    XSendExtensionEvent - send input extension events to a client
  • XSetArcMode(3)
    XSetArcMode, XSetSubwindowMode, XSetGraphicsExposure - GC convenience routines
  • XSetClipOrigin(3)
    XSetClipOrigin, XSetClipMask, XSetClipRectangles - GC convenience routines
  • XSetCloseDownMode(3)
    XSetCloseDownMode, XKillClient - control clients
  • XSetCommand(3)
    XSetCommand, XGetCommand - set or read a window"s WM_COMMAND property
  • XSetDeviceButtonMapping(3)
    XSetDeviceButtonMapping, XGetDeviceButtonMapping - query or change device button mappings
  • XSetDeviceFocus(3)
    XSetDeviceFocus, XGetDeviceFocus - control extension input device focus
  • XSetDeviceMode(3)
    XSetDeviceMode - change the mode of a device
  • XSetDeviceValuators(3)
    XSetDeviceValuators - initialize the valuators on an extension input device
  • XSetErrorHandler(3)
    XSetErrorHandler, XGetErrorText, XDisplayName, XSetIOErrorHandler, XGetErrorDatabaseText - default error handlers
  • XSetEventQueueOwner(3)
    XSetEventQueueOwner - set event queue owner on a shared Xlib/XCB connection
  • XSetFillStyle(3)
    XSetFillStyle, XSetFillRule - GC convenience routines
  • XSetFont(3)
    XSetFont - GC convenience routines
  • XSetFontPath(3)
    XSetFontPath, XGetFontPath, XFreeFontPath - set, get, or free the font search path
  • XSetICFocus(3)
    XSetICFocus, XUnsetICFocus - set and unset input context focus
  • XSetICValues(3)
    XSetICValues, XGetICValues - set and obtain XIC values
  • XSetInputFocus(3)
    XSetInputFocus, XGetInputFocus - control input focus
  • XSetLineAttributes(3)
    XSetLineAttributes, XSetDashes - GC convenience routines
  • XSetPointerMapping(3)
    XSetPointerMapping, XGetPointerMapping - manipulate pointer settings
  • XSetScreenSaver(3)
    XSetScreenSaver, XForceScreenSaver, XActivateScreenSaver, XResetScreenSaver, XGetScreenSaver - manipulate the screen saver
  • XSetSelectionOwner(3)
    XSetSelectionOwner, XGetSelectionOwner, XConvertSelection - manipulate window selection
  • XSetState(3)
    XSetState, XSetFunction, XSetPlaneMask, XSetForeground, XSetBackground - GC convenience routines
  • XSetTextProperty(3)
    XSetTextProperty, XGetTextProperty - set and read text properties
  • XSetTile(3)
    XSetTile, XSetStipple, XSetTSOrigin - GC convenience routines
  • XSetTransientForHint(3)
    XSetTransientForHint, XGetTransientForHint - set or read a window"s WM_TRANSIENT_FOR property
  • XSetWMClientMachine(3)
    XSetWMClientMachine, XGetWMClientMachine - set or read a window"s WM_CLIENT_MACHINE property
  • XSetWMColormapWindows(3)
    XSetWMColormapWindows, XGetWMColormapWindows - set or read a window"s WM_COLORMAP_WINDOWS property
  • XSetWMIconName(3)
    XSetWMIconName, XGetWMIconName, XSetIconName, XGetIconName - set or read a window"s WM_ICON_NAME property
  • XSetWMName(3)
    XSetWMName, XGetWMName, XStoreName, XFetchName - set or read a window"s WM_NAME property
  • XSetWMProperties(3)
    XSetWMProperties, XmbSetWMProperties, Xutf8SetWMProperties - set standard window properties
  • XSetWMProtocols(3)
    XSetWMProtocols, XGetWMProtocols - set or read a window"s WM_PROTOCOLS property
  • XShape(3)
    XShapeQueryExtension, XShapeQueryVersion, XShapeCombineRegion, XShapeCombineRectangles, XShapeCombineMask, XShapeCombineShape, XShapeOffsetShape, XShapeQueryExtents, XShapeSelectInput, XShapeInputSelected, XShapeGetRectangles - X nonrectangular
  • XShm(3)
    XShmQueryExtension, XShmQueryVersion, XShmPixmapFormat, XShmAttach, XShmDetach XShmCreateImage, XShmPutImage, XShmGetImage, XShmCreatePixmap, XShmGetEventBase - X Shared Memory extension functions
  • xsi_sigpause(2)
    sighold - legacy interface for signal management
  • xsltproc(1)
    xsltproc - command line XSLT processor
  • XStoreBytes(3)
    XStoreBytes, XStoreBuffer, XFetchBytes, XFetchBuffer, XRotateBuffers - manipulate cut and paste buffers
  • XStoreColors(3)
    XStoreColors, XStoreColor, XStoreNamedColor - set colors
  • xstr(1)
    xstr - extract strings from C programs to implement shared strings
  • XStringListToTextProperty(3)
    XStringListToTextProperty, XTextPropertyToStringList, XFreeStringList, XTextProperty - convert string lists and text property structure
  • XStringToKeysym(3)
    XStringToKeysym, XKeysymToString, XKeycodeToKeysym, XKeysymToKeycode, XConvertCase - convert keysyms
  • xsubpp(1)
    xsubpp - compiler to convert Perl XS code into C code
  • XSupportsLocale(3)
    XSupportsLocale, XSetLocaleModifiers - determine locale support and configure locale modifiers
  • XSynchronize(3)
    XSynchronize, XSetAfterFunction - enable or disable synchronization
  • XtAddActions(3)
    XtAddActions - register an action table
  • XtAddCallback(3)
    XtAddCallback, XtAddCallbacks, XtRemoveCallback, XtRemoveCallbacks, XtRemoveAllCallbacks - add and remove callback procedures
  • XtAddEventHandler(3)
    XtAddEventHandler, XtAddRawEventHandler, XtRemoveEventHandler, XtRemoveRawEventHandler, XtInsertEventHandler, XtInsertRawEventHandler - add and remove event handlers
  • XtAddExposureToRegion(3)
    XtAddExposureToRegion - merge exposure events into a region
  • XtAddGrab(3)
    XtAddGrab, XtRemoveGrab - redirect user input to a modal widget
  • XtAddInput(3)
    XtAddInput, XtAddTimeOut, XtAddWorkProc - register input, timeout, and workprocs
  • XtAllocateGC(3)
    XtAllocateGC - obtain a sharable GC with modifiable fields
  • XtAppAddActionHook(3)
    XtAppAddActionHook, XtRemoveActionHook - register an action hook procedure
  • XtAppAddActions(3)
    XtAppAddActions - register an action table
  • XtAppAddBlockHook(3)
    XtAppAddBlockHook, XtRemoveBlockHook - register a block hook procedure
  • XtAppAddConverter(3)
    XtAppAddConverter, XtAddConverter - register resource converter
  • XtAppAddInput(3)
    XtAppAddInput, XtRemoveInput - register and remove an input source
  • XtAppAddSignal(3)
    XtAppAddSignal, XtRemoveSignal, XtNoticeSignal - register and remove a signal source
  • XtAppAddTimeOut(3)
    XtAppAddTimeOut, XtRemoveTimeOut - register and remove timeouts
  • XtAppAddWorkProc(3)
    XtAppAddWorkProc, XtRemoveWorkProc - Add and remove background processing procedures
  • XtAppCreateShell(3)
    XtAppCreateShell, XtVaAppCreateShell - create top-level widget instance
  • XtAppError(3)
    XtAppError, XtAppSetErrorHandler, XtAppSetWarningHandler, XtAppWarning - low-level error handlers
  • XtAppErrorMsg(3)
    XtAppErrorMsg, XtAppSetErrorMsgHandler, XtAppSetWarningMsgHandler, XtAppWarningMsg - high-level error handlers
  • XtAppGetErrorDatabase(3)
    XtAppGetErrorDatabase, XtAppGetErrorDatabaseText - obtain error database
  • XtAppGetSelectionTimeout(3)
    XtAppGetSelectionTimeout, XtAppSetSelectionTimeout - set and obtain selection timeout values
  • XtAppInitialize(3)
    XtAppInitialize, XtVaAppInitialize - initialize, open, or close a display
  • XtAppLock(3)
    XtAppLock, XtAppUnlock - lock and unlock application context
  • XtAppNextEvent(3)
    XtAppNextEvent, XtAppPending, XtAppPeekEvent, XtAppProcessEvent, XtDispatchEvent, XtAppMainLoop - query and process events and input
  • XtAppReleaseCacheRefs(3)
    XtAppReleaseCacheRefs - decrement reference counts for resources
  • XtAppSetExitFlag(3)
    XtAppSetExitFlag, XtAppGetExitFlag - thread support functions
  • XtAppSetFallbackResources(3)
    XtAppSetFallbackResources - set fallback resources
  • XtAppSetTypeConverter(3)
    XtAppSetTypeConverter, XtSetTypeConverter - register resource converter
  • XtBuildEventMask(3)
    XtBuildEventMask - retrieve a widget"s event mask
  • XtCallAcceptFocus(3)
    XtCallAcceptFocus - calla widget"s accept_focus procedure
  • XtCallActionProc(3)
    XtCallActionProc - invoke an action procedure directly
  • XtCallCallbacks(3)
    XtCallCallbacks, XtCallCallbackList, XtHasCallbacks - process callbacks
  • XtClass(3)
    XtClass, XtSuperclass, XtIsSubclass, XtCheckSubclass, XtIsObject, XtIsRectObj, XtIsWidget, XtIsComposite, XtIsConstraint, XtIsShell, XtIsOverrideShell, XtIsWMShell, XtIsVendorShell, XtIsTransientShell, XtIsTopLevelShell, XtIsApplicationShell,
  • XtConfigureWidget(3)
    XtConfigureWidget, XtMoveWidget, XtResizeWidget - move and resize widgets
  • XtConvert(3)
    XtConvert, XtDirectConvert - invoke resource converters
  • XtConvertAndStore(3)
    XtConvertAndStore, XtCallConverter - invoke resource converters
  • XtCreateApplicationContext(3)
    XtCreateApplicationContext, XtDestroyApplicationContext, XtWidgetToApplicationContext, XtToolkitInitialize - create, destroy, and obtain an application context
  • XtCreateApplicationShell(3)
    XtCreateApplicationShell - create top-level widget instance
  • XtCreatePopupShell(3)
    XtCreatePopupShell, XtVaCreatePopupShell - create a popup shell
  • XtCreateSelectionRequest(3)
    XtCreateSelectionRequest, XtSendSelectionRequest, XtCancelSelectionRequest - bundle multiple selection conversion requests into a single request using MULTIPLE target
  • XtCreateWidget(3)
    XtCreateWidget, XtVaCreateWidget, XtCreateManagedWidget, XtVaCreateManagedWidget, XtDestroyWidget - create and destroy widgets
  • XtCreateWindow(3)
    XtCreateWindow - window creation convenience function
  • XtDisplay(3)
    XtDisplay, XtDisplayOfObject, XtScreen, XtScreenOfObject, XtWindow, XtWindowOfObject - obtain window information about a widget
  • XtDisplayInitialize(3)
    XtDisplayInitialize, XtOpenDisplay, XtDatabase, XtScreenDatabase, XtCloseDisplay - initialize, open, or close a display
  • XtDisplayStringConversionWarning(3)
    XtDisplayStringConversionWarning - issue a conversion warning message
  • XtDisplayToApplicationContext(3)
    XtDisplayToApplicationContext - obtain an application context
  • XtError(3)
    XtError, XtSetErrorHandler, XtSetWarningHandler, XtWarning - low-level error handlers
  • XtErrorMsg(3)
    XtErrorMsg, XtSetErrorMsgHandler, XtWarningMsg, XtSetWarningMsgHandler - high-level error handlers
  • XTestQueryExtension(3)
    XTestQueryExtension, XTestCompareCursorWithWindow, XTestCompareCurrentCursorWithWindow, XTestFakeKeyEvent, XTestFakeButtonEvent, XTestFakeMotionEvent, XTestFakeRelativeMotionEvent, XTestGrabControl, XTestSetGContextOfGC, XTestSetVi
  • XTextExtents(3)
    XTextExtents, XTextExtents16, XQueryTextExtents, XQueryTextExtents16 - compute or query text extents
  • XTextWidth(3)
    XTextWidth, XTextWidth16 - compute text width
  • XtFindFile(3)
    XtFindFile - search for a file using substitutions in the path list
  • XtGetActionKeysym(3)
    XtGetActionKeysym - obtain corresponding keysym
  • XtGetActionList(3)
    XtGetActionList - obtain class action list
  • XtGetApplicationNameAndClass(3)
    XtGetApplicationNameAndClass - retrieve application name and class
  • XtGetApplicationResources(3)
    XtGetApplicationResources, XtVaGetApplicationResources - obtain application resources
  • XtGetClassExtension(3)
    XtGetClassExtension - locate a class extension record
  • XtGetDisplays(3)
    XtGetDisplays - retrieve a list of displays associated with an application context
  • XtGetErrorDatabase(3)
    XtGetErrorDatabase, XtGetErrorDatabaseText - obtain error database
  • XtGetGC(3)
    XtGetGC, XtReleaseGC - obtain and destroy a sharable GC
  • XtGetKeyboardFocusWidget(3)
    XtGetKeyboardFocusWidget - extension event handling
  • XtGetKeysymTable(3)
    XtGetKeysymTable, XtKeysymToKeycodeList - query keysyms and keycodes
  • XtGetResourceList(3)
    XtGetResourceList, XtGetConstraintResourceList - obtain resource list
  • XtGetSelectionParameters(3)
    XtGetSelectionParameters - retrieve target parameters for a selection request with a single target
  • XtGetSelectionRequest(3)
    XtGetSelectionRequest - retrieve the event that triggered the XtConvertSelectionProc
  • XtGetSelectionTimeout(3)
    XtGetSelectionTimeout, XtSetSelectionTimeout - set and obtain selection timeout values
  • XtGetSelectionValue(3)
    XtGetSelectionValue, XtGetSelectionValues - obtain selection values
  • XtGetSelectionValueIncremental(3)
    XtGetSelectionValueIncremental, XtGetSelectionValuesIncremental - obtain selection values
  • XtGetSubresources(3)
    XtGetSubresources, XtVaGetSubresources - obtain subresources
  • XtGrabKey(3)
    XtGrabKey, XtUngrabKey, XtGrabKeyboard, XtUngrabKeyboard, XtGrabButton, XtUngrabButton, XtGrabPointer, XtUngrabPointer - manage grabs
  • XtHooksOfDisplay(3)
    XtHooksOfDisplay - external agent access points
  • XtInitialize(3)
    XtInitialize - initialize
  • XtInitializeWidgetClass(3)
    XtInitializeWidgetClass - initialize a widget class
  • XtInsertEventTypeHandler(3)
    XtInsertEventTypeHandler, XtRemoveEventTypeHandler, XtRegisterExtensionSelector, XtSetEventDispatcher, XtDispatchEventToWidget - extension event handling
  • XtLastEventProcessed(3)
    XtLastEventProcessed, XtLastTimestampProcessed - last event, last timestamp processed
  • XtMakeGeometryRequest(3)
    XtMakeGeometryRequest, XtMakeResizeRequest - make geometry manager request
  • XtMalloc(3)
    XtMalloc, XtCalloc, XtRealloc, XtFree, XtNew, XtNewString - memory management functions
  • XtManageChildren(3)
    XtManageChildren, XtManageChild, XtUnmanageChildren, XtUnmanageChild, XtChangeManagedSet, XtIsManaged - manage and unmanage children
  • XtMapWidget(3)
    XtMapWidget, XtSetMappedWhenManaged, XtUnmapWidget - map and unmap widgets
  • XtName(3)
    XtName - obtain widget"s name
  • XtNameToWidget(3)
    XtNameToWidget, XtWindowToWidget - translating strings to widgets or widgets to windows
  • XtNextEvent(3)
    XtNextEvent, XtPending, XtPeekEvent, XtProcessEvent, XtMainLoop - query and process events and input
  • XtOffset(3)
    XtOffset, XtOffsetOf, XtNumber - determine the byte offset or number of array elements
  • XtOpenApplication(3)
    XtOpenApplication, XtVaOpenApplication - initialize, open, or close a display
  • XtOwnSelection(3)
    XtOwnSelection, XtOwnSelectionIncremental, XtDisownSelection - set selection owner
  • XtParent(3)
    XtParent - obtain widget"s parent widget id
  • XtParseAcceleratorTable(3)
    XtParseAcceleratorTable, XtInstallAccelerators, XtInstallAllAccelerators - managing accelerator tables
  • XtParseTranslationTable(3)
    XtParseTranslationTable, XtAugmentTranslations, XtOverrideTranslations, XtUninstallTranslations - manage translation tables
  • XtPopdown(3)
    XtPopdown, XtCallbackPopdown - unmap a pop-up
  • XtPopup(3)
    XtPopup, XtPopupSpringLoaded, XtCallbackNone, XtCallbackNonexclusive, XtCallbackExclusive - map a pop-up
  • XtProcessLock(3)
    XtProcessLock, XtProcessUnlock - lock and unlock process
  • XtQueryGeometry(3)
    XtQueryGeometry - query the preferred geometry of a child widget
  • XTranslateCoordinates(3)
    XTranslateCoordinates - translate window coordinates
  • XtRealizeWidget(3)
    XtRealizeWidget, XtIsRealized, XtUnrealizeWidget - realize and unrealize widgets
  • XtRegisterDrawable(3)
    XtRegisterDrawable - register a drawable with the Intrinsics event dispatcher
  • XtRegisterGrabAction(3)
    XtRegisterGrabAction - register button and key grabs
  • XtReservePropertyAtom(3)
    XtReservePropertyAtom, XtReleasePropertyAtom - maintain a cache of property atoms
  • XtResolvePathname(3)
    XtResolvePathname - search for a file using standard substitution
  • XtSessionGetToken(3)
    XtSessionGetToken, XtSessionReturnToken - token management for checkpointing
  • XtSetArg(3)
    XtSetArg, XtMergeArgLists - set and merge ArgLists
  • XtSetKeyboardFocus(3)
    XtSetKeyboardFocus - focus events on a child widget
  • XtSetKeyTranslator(3)
    XtSetKeyTranslator, XtTranslateKeycode, XtRegisterCaseConverter, XtConvertCase - convert KeySym to KeyCodes
  • XtSetLanguageProc(3)
    XtSetLanguageProc - set the language procedure
  • XtSetMultiClickTime(3)
    XtSetMultiClickTime, XtGetMultiClickTime - set and get multi-click times
  • XtSetSelectionParameters(3)
    XtSetSelectionParameters - specify target parameters for a selection request with a single target
  • XtSetSensitive(3)
    XtSetSensitive, XtIsSensitive - set and check a widget"s sensitivity state
  • XtSetValues(3)
    XtSetValues, XtVaSetValues, XtSetSubvalues, XtVaSetSubvalues, XtGetValues, XtVaGetValues, XtGetSubvalues, XtVaGetSubvalues - obtain and set widget resources
  • XtSetWMColormapWindows(3)
    XtSetWMColormapWindows - Set the value of the WM_COLORMAP_WINDOWS property
  • XtStringConversionWarning(3)
    XtStringConversionWarning - issue a conversion warning message
  • XtToolkitThreadInitialize(3)
    XtToolkitThreadInitialize - initialize the toolkit for multiple threads
  • XtTranslateCoords(3)
    XtTranslateCoords - translate widget coordinates
  • XtVaCreateArgsList(3)
    XtVaCreateArgsList - dynamically allocate a varargs list
  • XUnmapEvent(3)
    XUnmapEvent - UnmapNotify event structure
  • XUnmapWindow(3)
    XUnmapWindow, XUnmapSubwindows - unmap windows
  • XVaCreateNestedList(3)
    XVaCreateNestedList - allocate a nested variable argument list
  • XVisibilityEvent(3)
    XVisibilityEvent - VisibilityNotify event structure
  • XWarpPointer(3)
    XWarpPointer - move pointer
  • xxd(1)
    xxd - make a hexdump or do the reverse.
  • xz(1)
    xz, unxz, xzcat, lzma, unlzma, lzcat - Compress or decompress .xz and .lzma files
  • xzcat(1)
    xz, unxz, xzcat, lzma, unlzma, lzcat - Compress or decompress .xz and .lzma files
  • xzdec(1)
    xzdec, lzmadec - Small .xz and .lzma decompressors


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