How to install web interface for bind 9 on Ubuntu/Debian: smbind

First install bind 9:

# aptitude install bind9

Then you need to install LAMP.

Installing smbind

To install web interface for bind 9 - smbind run:

# aptitude install smbind

During the installation you will be asked to enter mysql root user password and mysql user password for smbind.
After the installation is finished visit http://server_ip_adress/smbind/.
Default login and password are: admin:admin.

Change the password for admin user. You can also create a new user or play with zones using web interface.

The most important thing is to add smbind config in bind config.


include "/etc/smbind/smbind.conf";
into /etc/bind/named.conf file.

Then restart bind:

# /etc/init.d/bind9 restart

Now you can manage your zones in web interface.

Securing your web interface

You should know that "Commit changes" button won't work.

To apply changes made in web interface use

# rndc reload

It's possible to apply changes through web interface though, but it's strongly not recommended. Applying changes though web interface is not safe - so don't do this.

To secure web interface change

Alias /smbind /usr/share/smbind/php
in /etc/apache2/conf.d/smbind.conf file to something like
Alias /smbind976345976345 /usr/share/smbind/php

Now to get to bind web interface you will navigate http://server_ip_adress/smbind976345976345/ and it will be definitely harder to find.

It's also recommended to secure /usr/share/smbind/php directory using .htaccess and .htpasswd or limit access by IP.

  1. a9k
    2012-09-22 10:13:41
    It is a good idea to run http://site.tlf/smbind/src/configtest.php to find out if you're config is good. Also you're in for some editing if you're using sid. Every occurence of import file= need the file name in double quotes.
  1. diminished
    2015-05-07 21:48:36
    SMBind has been removed from 14.04.  

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