How to tweak cPanel for lower memory consumption

Do you find that your VPS or dedicated hosting server is regularly running out of memory because of cPanel? The following tutorial will help you overcome this, and help you to make your server run faster by optimizing some of the cPanel parts.

Stopping SpamAssassin

Go to WHM > Server Configuration > Tweak Settings > Disable Spamd


Go to WHM > Service Manager > Disable Spamd

Stopping Mailman

If you or none of your customers aren’t running any mail listings through cPanel, it would be a good idea to disable Mailman.

Go to WHM > Server Configuration > Tweak Settings > Disable Mailman

Disable CatchAll

If you"re undergoing a mail attack, catch all can use up many resources + storage space.

Go to WHM > Server Configuration > Tweak Settings > Change to :fail:

Tweak Apache

Apache can eat quite a lot of memory. To tweak, do the following:

vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

(Press 'i' to enable inserting/editing)

Change the following settings:

MinSpareServers 2
MaxSpareServers 5

StartServers 3

Save the file by pressing 'Esc', then type ':wq', then hit return.

After that, restart Apache:

/etc/init.d/httpd restart
Now your server should be able to breath!

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