Midnight Commander hotkeys

Midnight Commander is a console file manager and directory browser. It can be very helpful in server administration when all you've got is SSH access. Remembering some hotkeys will help you to use MC more effectively.

There's a particular way of using MC 3 key combinations. For example, in Ctrl + X C key combination you first press Ctrl, then press X while keeping Ctrl pressed, then you release them both and precc C.

Here are some useful hotkeys:

  • Ctrl + R refresh or rescan active panel;
  • Ctrl + X C check/change permissions for selected files (chmod);
  • Ctrl + X O check./change owner for selected files (chown);
  • Ctrl + S or Alt + S search in active panel, after pressing keys just type characters;
  • Ctrl + X A open virtual file systems dialog;
  • Ctrl + X J show all background jobs;
  • Ctrl + X T send selected file name to command line;
  • Ctrl + X S create symlink;
  • Ctrl + X Q quick view content of files in a preview window;
  • Esc + H or Alt + H show command line history;
  • Esc + N or Alt + N put next command to the command line;
  • Esc + O or Alt + O open path in other panel;
  • Esc + P or Alt + P put previous command to the command line;
  • Esc + T or Alt + T panel file listing mode;
  • Esc + ? or Alt + ? open search dialog.

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